Remote Workers. Can they benefit a business?

24 Sep 2015

Also known as telecommuting or teleworking, remote working in the UK is on the rise, especially amongst digital workers.


Remote working is the term that describes employees that are based away from the office, be it on the road or working from home.


There are many personal benefits to remote working, it helps with childcare, cuts down on wasted time & money spent on commuting and provides flexibility. However, there needs to be benefits to the business.


For some professions, such as sales or engineers, remote working is a given. Yet with the rise of video-conferencing, BYOD, cloud technology and hosted desktops, more and more people can work remotely from home, while remaining as productive as when they are office based.


One of the main fears of employers is that people working from home are less productive than office workers. However, a study conducted by ConnectSolutions in December 2014 found that 77% of those questioned stated they were more productive at home, than in the office. With distractions of phone calls, meetings, colleagues and noise it can be argued that the office is a worse place to work than home.


Additionally people working from home are 53% more likely to work over time, compared to 23% of their office-based counterparts. This could be argued to be down to the amount of time saved by not commuting, but also with work being constantly available, people working from home can spend their evenings catching up on emails.


Remote working is proven to attract and retain staff, purely because employees like the ability to reduce costs on commuting, allowing parents to save money on child-care, whilst improving staff morale.


Some companies may argue that remote working is not effective for business, stating that remote working creates challenges in collaboration. However, the way to ensure it is successful for your business is to invest in technology that helps a team to work remotely.


With solutions like Desktop Monster, our hosted desktop solution, your office can be anywhere, literally. Data is stored in a centralized server, in a UK-based data centre, and accessed via the internet, on any internet enabled device, such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone. This not only improves communication, but also collaboration between colleagues.

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