Top 5 Misconceptions of Cloud Technology

24 Sep 2015

Cloud technology has grown substantially over the past few years, however many people are still unclear about what cloud actually is. Our list of the top 5 misconceptions about cloud technology will hopefully uncover what cloud technology is and show how it could help your business.


1. Cloud technology is an actual cloud

According to a survey conducted in 2012 by Wakefield Research for Citrix, 51% of Americans believed stormy weather could affect cloud technology. However in reality, the term ‘cloud technology’ describes data that is stored in a data centre, not floating in the sky!


2. I don’t use cloud technology

You probably do. If you use social media, shop on online or check your bank balance using online banking then you are using cloud technology.


3. Cloud isn’t secure

While the term ‘cloud’ conjures up images of fluffy white airborne objects, cloud technology it is infact a very safe place to store and share your confidential data. Security and software experts manage data centres, ensuring that your data is protected by encryption and security procedures that are much more stringent than those used by the majority of businesses with in-house servers.


4. Cloud is unreliable

Cloud technology incorporates various backup and redundancy features that protect customers’ data from a host of problems. For example, if the power to a data centre goes down, there are on-site generators ready to take-over. If the generators fail too, then a battery room is available for further protection. Additionally, all tier 1 internet provider cables are fed into the building, so if one internet provider goes down, another will be utilised for a seamless service.


5. Cloud is expensive

Cloud services may actually save you money. With Desktop Monster all of the up-front costs of servers, softeare and hardware are removed. For a monthly cost per user, you receive expandable personal and business storage, the most up to date software, including bespoke software for your industry and continued IT support. There are no hidden costs.


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