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What is Desktop Monster?

Desktop Monster is a UK-based hosted desktop solution for business. Also known as a virtual desktop, it allows you to work anywhere in the world with an internet connection and an internet enabled device.

Access Anywhere

It allows you to work anywhere in the world, safely and securely, so long as you have an internet connection.

On Any Device

Access business applications and company data from your laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone or any internet enabled device.

Simplified IT

All the features and functionality of having big business IT, without the headaches of purchasing, managing and maintaining it.

UK Based

Your data is stored in a UK, ISO 27001 accredited data centre. It will never leave the UK and is backed up multiple times a day.


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Who is Desktop Monster for?

Global Teams

Global teams are constantly on the go. They need to have the ability to communicate effectively and collaborate easily. Desktop Monster hosted desktop solution is the perfect solution for global teams who need to have one centralised point for data storage, team projects and collaboration.


Desktop Monster is the perfect IT solution for businesses using a franchise style model and who operate from multiple locations. Normally, it would be an expensive and complex exercise to join multiple sites together with access to server documents and business programmes. However, with Desktop Monster,  all sites can collaborate easily and effectively with minimal expenditure.


With Desktop Monster, workers that need to work from multiple locations can get straight to work with no need to store data and files locally on their laptops.
This ensures no time is wasted copying work off servers and then backing up once finished. Desktop Monster hosted desktop solution goes where you go and is accessible straight away as you log on.

Business Start-Ups

Desktop Monster hosted desktop solution is the perfect solution for start-up businesses. There is no need for a large investment in IT infrastructure. Instead of purchasing expensive servers and licences, you get access to the entire infrastructure you need for a simple monthly price per user. Also, as your business grows, your Desktop Monster grows too – just add or remove users when required.


For healthcare professionals that work from a variety of locations, a big concern is the security of patient data. With Desktop Monster hosted desktop solution, your confidential patient records and documentation are always secure and centrally managed. This data is never saved on the hard drive of the device, but safely stored and managed from our UK-based Data Centre.

Field Sales

We know that busy sales teams are rarely in the office, and rely heavily on their laptops and mobile phones to work remotely for large periods of the day. With Desktop Monster hosted desktop solution, your sales team do not have to come back to the office at inconvenient times to access files stored on the company’s server or to backup work.

Sensitive Information

Do you know how secure your data really is? The chances are, there is lots of sensitive and valuable business data stored on your employees’ laptops, tablets or desktops and your company’s server. If this information gets into the wrong hands the potential fines could set you back up to £500,000.
Is that a risk you can afford to take?


We understand that one of the main concerns for law firms and the legal sector is data and document security. With Desktop Monster hosted desktop solution,
all of your business data and electronic client files are hosted within our UK based data centre – your data never leaves the UK.


Hosted desktops are an ideal solution for accountancy firms and finance departments. Migrating key software applications such as SAGE, Digita, CCH and IRIS ensure that you are able to work with the most up-to-date versions of your businesses applications along with Email Exchange, Microsoft applications and any other software you use, on any device, without the need for you to perform upgrades.

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