Our Partners

Desktop Monster, hosted desktop is proud to partner with some of the premier companies at the forefront of technology. Working with Citrix, DataOn, Microsoft and VEEAM we can ensure you’re able to work safely and securely on any device, providing a resilient and robust IT solution bespoke to your users and your organization.


Citrix is a leader in mobility, virtualisation and network and cloud services. They value technology by how it benefits people. This has led them to becoming a market-leader in creating mobile workspace solutions. People can now work more easily by having immediate access to files, apps and the services they need.

Desktop Monster is built on Citrix. This is the application we use to manage and maintain the software we use for our users to log into Desktop Monster in a secure way.

Data On

DataON Storage is a leading developer of high performance, storage sub-systems for computing markets. Their unique storage systems are designed to fit into existing environments, rather than remaining separate.

Desktop Monster hosted desktop is built on DataON storage. DataON storage forms the hardware side of our solution. Their unique ‘cluster in a box’ solution provides availability, flexibility and simplicity, allowing us to build you a data storage solution that is the perfect fit for your business.


Founded in 1975, Microsoftis a world leading technology company providing some of the most recognisable products and solutions in IT to date.

Desktop Monster, hosted desktop is built on Microsoft. Microsoft provides all of the standard applications used by businesses, such as: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Additionally, Microsoft provides the entire working environment that is seen or used by anyone logged into Desktop Monster.


VeeamSoftware is a premier-level VMware Technology Alliance Partner, providing innovative software for VMware VSphere and VMware Infrastructure. Veeam Backup and Replication provides a recovery time of less than 15 minutes for all apps and data.

Desktop Monster hosted desktop is built on Veeam. It gives our customers integrated, fast and secure cloud based disaster recovery as part of their service.

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