Blackstone Solicitors choose Desktop Monster – hosted desktop for Business Growth

1 Nov 2016

A fast-growing law firm, based in south Manchester benefits from new hosted desktop solution, enabling continued expansion of its operations

After a period of prolonged growth, the award-winning law firm, Blackstone Solicitors were at a critical review point of its IT infrastructure and support. Having investigated the server upgrade option versus a cloud hosted desktop, the hosted desktop route quickly became the more attractive proposition. A new server meant significant upfront investment and ongoing support charges, that were more expensive than the monthly the cost per user of a hosted solution. Additionally, upfront costs of a Hosted Desktop were either minimal or non-existent.


Daniel Thomas, Litigation Partner at Blackstone Solicitors, comments on the transition from traditional IT to a hosted desktop: “Before moving to Desktop Monster, we briefly used a legal specific hosted desktop provider. After just a few months of using their platform, we were experiencing regular spates of downtime, which was affecting our productivity as a firm.”

Office technology sales and service provider Midshire, has won the contract to supply its hosted desktop product, ‘Desktop Monster’ to the growing law firm located in Hale.


Already a customer of Midshire’s for over three years, Blackstone were extremely happy with the level of service provided in supporting its company’s photocopiers and printers. After a conversation with their account manager they learnt about the Desktop Monster product.


David Clark, Senior IT Consultant at Midshire explains why Desktop Monster is the ideal solution for Blackstone Solicitors: “We were delighted to be approached
by Blackstone to provide a free trial. Working with Managing Partner Daniel Thomas, we were able to successfully migrate accounts onto the Desktop Monster platform, for the key decision makers to test and evaluate.”

Since Desktop Monster works on a Microsoft platform, there is hardly any training required, as once users’ login to the Citrix platform, they are greeted with a standard Windows interface.


Daniel comments on the trial and migration: “During the 30-day trial period, Dave Clark and his colleagues were able to answer any of our questions, and came out to visit us if needed. The migration process was seamless.”

A hosted desktop can bring many benefits to a company including: increased security of business data, decreased annual maintenance costs for IT support,
it enables users to access their desktop on multiple devices including tablets and smartphones, reducing the need to replace device hardware.


Daniel explains the benefits they have seen, since moving to Desktop Monster: “Our team are able to work remotely, on their laptops or mobile phones. We can access all our client’s data as though we are sat at our desks.”

“The most obvious benefit of Desktop Monster is the reduced downtime. It is an incredibly stable platform and we’ve had next to no problems since we moved to this service.”

“We rarely contact the Desktop Monster team, but when we do, they are incredibly responsive and are able to fix problems remotely, without interfering with our work.”


Many businesses aren’t aware that many UK hosted desktop companies store their data in US Data Centres, which have different laws associated to data security than the UK, which can leave them exposed to breaches.


Renowned for going the extra mile for clients, Daniel explains the importance of a secure solution: “Data security is vitally important to us as a legal firm. As with our previous provider, the Desktop Monster Data Centre is based in the UK, which means we know that our data is stored under UK data protection laws, which is absolutely necessary for us.”


This additional security means that if a laptop or phone gets stolen or misplaced, no confidential data is stored locally on them. Customers can be sure that their data and client data is safe.


A hosted desktop is a scalable solution, making it perfect for growing companies who wish to add frequently add new users.


New users of a Desktop Monster hosted desktop can be easily added and setup ready for their joining the firm. This scalable solution, makes Desktop Monster the obvious choice for growing law firms.


Daniel summarises: “When we joined Desktop Monster, we had 13 licenses, we’re now onto our 24th license. Midshire even source our computers for us, so that when a new starter joins, they have everything ready and waiting.”

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