Why your Business Needs a Hosted Desktop

4 Sep 2017

Hosted Desktop technology has developed substantially over the past few years to become a mainstream consumer product. Yet, many businesses are still hesitant to embrace this new way of working.

If your business has not adopted Hosted Desktop technology, it almost certainly will within the next 3 years. A Hosted Desktop, like Desktop Monster, can bring many benefits to a company including: reduced capital expenditure, mobile working, increased security of business data, and scalability.

Affordability – Most businesses have an on-site server and provide each employee with a computer, or allow individuals to ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD). However, it is not just the cost of the hardware that needs considering.
With a Hosted Desktop, companies no longer need on-site servers, instantly saving thousands of pounds. Additionally, as the processing power, RAM and storage are provided by the Hosted Desktop’s servers, you are even able to use older PCs that would be unable to run a traditional operating system.
Additional costs of traditional IT environments include ensuring that software, licensing and operating systems are up-to-date on each device, as well as paying an IT provider to manage services, or having an IT manager in-house. With a Hosted Desktop, this is all included in your package.

Convenience – There is a certain bliss to setting off for a long weekend away without a laptop bag over your shoulder. However, there is always the chance you’ll get the urgent call that requires you to drop everything and deal with a business emergency. If the files are saved to your laptop’s hard drive then you have no chance of being able to help, till you return to your desk.
With a Hosted Desktop, portability is one of its best assets. It’s always there when you need it. You can log on to your ‘desktop’ quickly and access all your business data and documents, even over 4G via your smartphone or tablet!

Security How many times have you had a near miss with your data? Maybe you knocked a cup of tea over your laptop or left your tablet on the train home. It’s a nightmare situation, but accidental data loss happens all the time!
Hosted Desktops are the ideal solution to prevent accidental data loss. No business data is stored locally on your device, so if an accident happens, all you need to worry about is replacing that device, rather than the data.
Additionally, Hosted Desktops are stored on a remote server in a data entre, bolstered by military grade security. If you store critical business data in that environment, it’s secure against malware, and completely locked down.

Future Proofing – Hosted Desktops are fully scalable, meaning they grow with your business. If you want to accelerate said growth and limit your exposure to risk, a subscription based Hosted Desktop could be the ideal solution.
An award-winning solution; Desktop Monster is a product of Midshire and has developed a reputation for excellence since its launch in 2013. Winner of ‘Best Technology/Technology Product’ at The Talk of Manchester Awards (TOMS) 2016, Desktop Monster offers a free 30-day trial of the Hosted Desktop platform, so you can see it in action.
For more information about Desktop Monster, visit: www.desktopmonster.co.uk or call: 03300 414 579

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